Immerse yourself in Singapore’s heritage and the impact that women have had on the nation’s development. These walks in and around the city centre take you by the buildings and areas associated with some of the women in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame. Expert guides offer fascinating information about the women, their achievements and their legacy.

The walks, which are titled “Walking in the Footsteps of our Foremothers”, each take about two hours. Participants learn about:

  • The rich history of each landmark along the route;
  • How the women highlighted had a hand in the shaping of Singapore’s history.

Here’s a map showing the locations of the key buildings featured in the walks and some information about how they are linked to women in the Hall of Fame.

Check the schedule of walks in our Calendar.

Those who have been on the walks said they found it a real eye-opener. Read some of their comments:

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What participants in the heritage walk had to say:

“Thanks for organising this fascinating trail which captures many interesting slices of the history, and how women have contributed towards Singapore as it is today. It was an educational experience and has transformed my view of the area.” – Ng Xuiling

“Most on this tour were fairly new arrivals in Singapore so had no previous knowledge of the history of the areas in which we walked and buildings we passed.  To visit these and to hear stories of prominent female Singaporeans of the day was combining “two birds with one stone”. I’m sure many will relate tales to family and friends when next in the vicinity. I always enjoy trying to imagine what the place would have been like to the inhabitants of the day and with a female perspective presented, that view was made much clearer.” – Rhonda Preece, Australian & New Zealand Association (ANZA) Tour Committee