One of the highly cherished universal values is Reverence for Mothers. While mankind can take pride today for the innumerable achievements that we are able to make in all walks of lives, there are certain things which need to be given the prime importance. Kindness, love, concern for mankind regardless of race or faith are some such values that we should assiduously inculcate in the minds of people, especially our younger generation so that they grow with a firm belief and faith in the paradigm of peace and harmony.

Families are the basic and the best schools that can teach its members on such higher virtues. In the families, it is mothers, who are pillars and who can play crucial role in transmitting these eternal and virtuous values to their children. We have to encourage and motivate such role model mothers, who are not only successful in transmitting such values to their own children and families but find time to spare their talents and skills for the community and society.

The annual exemplary mother awards events of Jamiyah is one such attempt to identify and glorify such mothers who have done supreme sacrifices to bring up their children against trying personal circumstances whilst volunteering community service during their free time.

Our Exemplary Mother Award competition is distinguished by a few factors. Firstly its initiation was spurred by the initiative of former president of Singapore, the late Dr Wee Kim Wee who came forward by donating a shield to be presented as award for the winner that we gladly accepted and promoted for the cause of honouring mothers.

Secondly, the warm hearted former president SR Nathan donated us a new shield in 2004 for the purpose and these go to show how much our Head of State hold for this event.

Thirdly the Exemplary Mother Award is a multi-racial endeavour like many of Jamiyah’s programmes and services. Our Exemplary Mothers are all worthy role models. We appreciate them and appeal to young mothers and mothers-to-be to emulate their shining examples.