In 2005, SCWO launched The Wall of Fame to honour some of Singapore’s pioneering women activists, educators and philanthropists.

By 2010, there were nine honourees – Chan Choy Siong, Elizabeth Choy, Hajjah Fatimah, Maria Dyer, Seow Peck Leng, Shirin Fozdar, Julie Tan, Lim Hwee Hua and Yu-Foo Yee Shoon.

The Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame (SWHF) is an expansion of the Wall of Fame. Launched on 14 March 2014, it aims to recognise and salute the outstanding women of Singapore in all fields of endeavour.

It is a celebration of the women who have made, or are making, an impact on our nation – the boundary breakers and record holders, the risk-takers and change makers, the role models and the standard setters.

They were the women who, at a time when social norms set limits on what a woman could do, pushed back the barriers and led the way for others.  They were the pioneers, the pathfinders.  They dared to dream and they turned their dreams into a new reality for the women of their time and the generations to come.  

They are, today, the women who are shaping our society with their vision and passion, their enterprise and leadership, their talent and creativity, their humanity.  They are the women who inspire us, and we want to recognise them and honour them.


  • Celebrate the achievements and tell the stories, hitherto often untold, of Singapore’s phenomenal women
  • Document the myriad contributions of women to the shaping of Singapore
  • Showcase  the  values that drive our outstanding women and that SCWO upholds
  • Share the stories and values and inspire others, especially young Singaporeans, to dare to dream and to chart their own path.