The Singapore woman today lives a life dramatically different from that of women in 1965. There are as many females as males at all levels of education. We have women fighter pilots, women running key military and police divisions, and heading huge enterprises and exciting start-ups. A quarter of our parliamentarians are women. We have three women Cabinet ministers, and a woman President. But patriarchal attitudes and systems persist, and stereotyped gender roles still limit opportunities and choices for women. The gender wage gap continues. The lack of flexible work arrangements and caregiving support keeps some women at home, and without an income they may not have adequate resources for their old age. Violence and harassment continue to be a problem. It’s less of a man’s world today, but there’s some way to go for true gender equality.

The Gender Gap at a Glance

Figures refer to resident population (citizens and PRs)

What will life be like for women in Singapore in 2050?

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