SCWO Inauguration of the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame and International Women’s Day 2014

Our Guests of Honour, President Tony Tan and SCWO Patron Mrs Mary Tan, Madam Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament, Minister  Grace  Fu,  Minister,  Prime  Ministers Office &  2nd Minister for  Environment  &  Water Resources and 2nd Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Ministries of Health, and of Manpower & Mayor SW District Excellencies,  Ambassadors  and  High  Commissioners,  Parliamentarians, distinguished  guests, it  is my  greatest  pleasure  to  welcome  each  of you  here tonight. We  are  deeply  honoured  by  your presence.

My  gratitude  to  Citibank,  our  Presenting  Sponsor for  3  years  and  to  all  the foundations, organisations  and  individuals  who have  supported  us  to  make  this  evening, and  the  Singapore Women’s  Hall  of  Fame,  grow from  vision  to  reality. We  are  delighted  that  Tracey  Woon,  Vice Chairperson Citigroup Global Markets is
here with us tonight.

This  year,  SCWO  marks  the  celebration  of  International  Women’s  Day  for  and  with  our  57 member organisations, with our contribution to the history of Singapore, to recognise the impact that our pioneering women and the women of today have made on our nation and the progress of  women  in  Singapore.  The  Singapore  Women’s  Hall  of  Fame  is  the  collective  of  great  deeds, strong actions, wisdom,  talent,  tears, joys  and  achievements,  to  inspire  so  that  new  generations
can aspire.

All  credit  must  go  the  Research  Team,  the  Working  committee,  the SCWO  Secretariat  and  the Selection  Panel, Chaired  by  Professor  Tommy  Koh.  Thank  you,  for  your  diligence, perseverance, perception and wisdom!

We need strong and firm foundations for the future and the lives of passion and purpose that we record and acknowledge here give us these strong foundations. Across the span of all the sectors that build a nation, here we have the pioneers, boundary‐breakers, visionaries, caring hearts and creative hands. It has been SCWOs privilege to document these acts that have impacted us all.

While recognising many well-­deserving, well­‐known  names,  we  were  also  amazed  at  the  hidden gems that our research team discovered, and we share these with you in the book that you are all receiving  tonight.  Find  out  who  proved  that  the  Chinese  devised  the  numeral  system  we  use today, using bamboo rods. Who was that first woman elected to public office ­‐ paving the way for many  here  tonight. And  who  was  sold  for  silver,  and  rose  from  slavery  to  an  honourable,  long career in medical service.

Some  of  these  stories  show  us  how  far  we  have  come,  some  others  will  show  how  new  arenas are still being challenged and conquered, and this is a Hall that will grow each year.

Do visit the website for more on each of our honorees, and share your thoughts with us.

These  are  the legacies that  we  want valued  in the  moral  compass  of  the  generations  to  come.

I would  like  to  express  my warmest admiration, congratulations  and  appreciation  to  all  the honourees and their representatives present with us for this landmark occasion. Please join me in a toast to all our honourees!!

May the warmth and glow of this evening, light the Flame for tomorrow.