Her father used to often ask her “Why do you think you were born into this world?” Every morning, Ivy Singh Lim, the Champion of Farming in Singapore, would look into the mirror and tell herself “You are beautiful and strong!”

St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School invited the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame to set up a week long exhibition that showcased the stories of seven outstanding SWHFamers. As part of this exhibition, SWHF held an assembly talk, introducing the students to Ivy Singh Lim, who was a former Canossian girl herself.

Ivy’s vivacious personality captured the attention of everyone. She took the girls on a trip to the 1950s where she was brought up in a wealthy family right till when she started Bollywood Veggies in 2001. She never really worked for a living but was brought up to lead a useful life.

Ivy often refers to herself as a gentle warrior because she believes in fighting for what she believes in. She believes that by setting up a farm, it makes the land productive and teaches the significance of local agriculture. She showed the girls the essentials that make up a warrior. The girls startled as Ivy pulled out a knife. Soon, the hall was filled with immense laughter as she pulled out a torchlight and some medicated oil.

Behind the warrior talk, she shared about her soft side too. She shared that if we have something that we can give to help others in need, we by all means should do it. For Ivy, she puts her wealth to good use. She helps Singaporeans who are older, less educated and challenged by employing them at her farm. Ivy also has introduced Gentle Warriors’ Trust which gives women opportunities to progress and broaden their skill sets. The crowd cheered when Ivy generously offered the Gentle Warriors’ Trust to all Canossians who aspire to excel in life.

She ended off the inspiring session saying – A warrior should not only fight for what she believes in but should also create avenues to help people in need.

The SWHF organises outreach programs to schools and the public to inspire, celebrate the achievements and tell the often untold stories of Singapore’s phenomenal women. If you would like this travelling exhibition to come to your school or organisation, drop us an email at info@swhf.sg.