Meet the 2018 Honourees

Anastasia Tjendri-Liew

Founder of one of Singapore’s most successful bakery chains

Claire Chiang

Champion of Corporate Social Responsibility

Daisy Devan

Singapore’s Mother Music

Geraldene Lowe-Ismail

Pioneering tour guide

Grace Yin Pek-Ha

Pioneering community worker

Miranda Yap

Pioneer of biomedical sciences in Singapore

Mozelle Nissim

Grand Old Lady of Singapore’s Jewish community

Phyllis Tan Poh Lian

First woman president of the Law Society

Puan Noor Aishah

Singapore’s first First Lady

Tan Teck Neo

Philanthropist and pioneering community leader

Yang Chang Man

Protector of the Raffles Collection

Zena Clarke Tessensohn

Founder of Singapore’s first sports club for girls


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You have to learn through experience.
You have to go through difficulties. Face them as they come.

Don’t think of problems before they happen because they might never happen!

Som Said
Pioneer of Singapore Malay Dance
All my life, I think of people who have less than me.

That has been my guiding light all my life.

Teresa Hsu Chih
One of Asia’s most inspiring social workers
The thing that kept me going was the desire to help those unfortunate people. There were so many unfortunate women and children, and also unfortunate men as well.

I felt that I had to help in whatever way I could.

Khatijun Nissa Siraj
Pioneering Activist for Muslim Women’s Rights
What has happened to the good old leisure pastimes of reading, fishing and gardening?

Has our city become so “modernised” that we forget to teach our children the importance — and appreciation — of a day out in the open, or a book?

Ivy Singh-Lim
Champion of farming in Singapore
It’s because I can fall so often that I learn how to get up.

Theresa Goh
Pioneering Paralympic swimmer and advocate for disability sports
You have to fight against so many odds to be happy.

But after you’ve fought all these battles, you come to a point where you have achieved something; you move on from there, so you call that part of it a happy experience.

Neila Sathyalingam
Leading exponent of Indian Classical dance in Singapore
I always tell people that I am an ordinary person. I enjoy my life. I managed to get into good schools. You can still do well in life from an ordinary background.

If I can do it, so can you too.

Euleen Goh
One of Singapore’s most sought-after female board directors
I don’t know how I did it, really.

But I’m glad I showed the men I could do it.

Tan Yoon Yin
Singapore’s first lady of netball