St. Margaret's Secondary School Honours Alumnae

A surprise special assembly was held held at St. Margaret’s Secondary School earlier this year on the first day of school. Upset that their long December holidays have come to an end, the girls were not in the perkiest of spirits. Some of the girls even told us before the assembly that they already had exams lined up on their very first week back in school. Yikes. Little did they know what was in store for them for the upcoming week – a little something that can uplift their spirits!

The Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame (SWHF) conducted a talk and held a mini-exhibition honouring 4 Inductees who are part of the St. Margaret’s family. These 4 Inductees are Maria Dyer, Janet Lim Chiu Mei, Elizabeth Choy and Anamah Tan. The talk and mini-exhibition showcased the four personal, and yet, inspiring life stories of these remarkable women – the stories previously unknown to these girls. Mrs Foo Kar Hiang, HOD for Student Development whom we liaised with, was very impressed with the talk and is keen to work on future collaborations when the opportunity arises.

The talk was good as it provided a great start for the students to see how others have made an impact and they are also inspired to want to do the same,” said Mrs Foo. “It was also great sharing the good work of our alumni and [the students] felt a sense of pride. The writing board was a good platform for them to pen down their thoughts. It was good to also see [the students] writing things like they want to study hard so as to be able to help others and even be able to cure cancer. Think the talk and the exhibition is really inspiring,” added Mrs Foo.

The St. Margaret girls were also captivated by the milestone doodle video we featured on women’s progress over the years – we received much enthusiasm and applause for this video. Students even approached us after the talk as they were curious about the work that we do. Some of them even shared their personal stories with us, and wanted to learn more about the Women’s Charter and their own rights as a woman!

SWHF organises outreach programs to schools and the public to inspire, celebrate the achievements and tell often untold stories of Singapore’s phenomenal women. If you would like this travelling exhibition to come to your school or organisation, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Ivy Singh-Lim
  • Khatijun Nissa Siraj
  • Neila Sathyalingam
  • Som Said
  • Theresa Goh
  • Teresa Hsu
  • Euleen Goh
  • Tan Yoon Yin