The Orchid Garden

A special space for tributes to the most important women in our lives.
Mothers, grandmothers, nannies, teachers, friends – whoever they are, these are the women who provide the inspiration and guidance in our everyday lives.

Also listed in The Orchid Garden are the women who have been honoured by organisations and publications in annual awards.

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Jennifer Heng

The Great Women Of Our Time Awards alumni
Founder, Dayspring New Life Centre

Struggling with the guilt that followed after getting two abortions done as a teen, led Jennifer to establish Dayspring New Life Centre last November. As Singapore’s only dedicated shelter for women in distress over unsupported pregnancies, it provides pregnancy counselling and referrals for foster care and adoption. “Dayspring New Life Centre was made possible by an army of passionate risk-takers who gave us so much strength and support, from crafting beautiful proposals, to helping me get connected with the right people,” shares the Great Women Of Our Time Awards alumnus who was voted 2015’s “Most Inspiring Woman” by readers.
Now married with a four-year-old, Jennifer wants to create the awareness that “every child is wanted”. “My work is primarily responding to crises, but underlining all that is family reconciliation – as men and women learn to become good parents, children grow up knowing they are loved and wanted,” says Jennifer. “Stronger families make a stronger nation. And the strength of a nation is seen in the way we treat the most vulnerable members in our society – our children.”

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