The Orchid Garden

A special space for tributes to the most important women in our lives.
Mothers, grandmothers, nannies, teachers, friends – whoever they are, these are the women who provide the inspiration and guidance in our everyday lives.

Also listed in The Orchid Garden are the women who have been honoured by organisations and publications in annual awards.

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Beatrice Chia-Richmond

The Great Women Of Our Time Awards alumni
Creative Director, Running Into The Sun

It wasn’t too long ago that this director, producer, and actress became the first woman to helm the National Day Parade (2011). In June this year, the mother-of-one completed her biggest production yet: the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of this year’s 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. “One and a half years is a very long time to sustain a steady focus,” Beatrice shares of her experience. “There were months when I felt I’d been staring at the same problem for too long. I needed discipline to get myself quickly out of the rut, step away and adopt a different perspective.” She reveals, “I had to find ways to consistently recharge myself because as the creative director, I’m the heart and soul of the production. How can you inspire others when you’re not motivated yourself?”
But with her background as a theatrical director, this 2015 Great Women Of Our Time Awards, Arts & Media category winner, places great importance in the production quality of a show, always ensuring that nothing is compromised. “When you work on a major project like the SEA Games, your life gets out of whack. So I like to spend time with my son: take him for a swim or a bike ride, have a meal or just talk… it’s the simple stuff we do together that gets me back on an even keel and helps me to drive a production through,” says the loving mother.
And as the creative director of Running Into The Sun since its inception in 2009, Beatrice uses her discerning taste and many years of experience in the entertainment industry to carefully sniff out the finest productions to give the best concert experience. Having directed over 40 productions in under 10 years, this maven of the arts inspires, pushes and drives the arts scene in Singapore. A graduate of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama (UK), she was also a recipient of the National Arts Award, the nation's highest accolade for artistic achievements. 

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