The Orchid Garden

A special space for tributes to the most important women in our lives.
Mothers, grandmothers, nannies, teachers, friends – whoever they are, these are the women who provide the inspiration and guidance in our everyday lives.

Also listed in The Orchid Garden are the women who have been honoured by organisations and publications in annual awards.

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Ajainah Sidek

Recipient of the Jamiyah Exemplary Mother Award in 2013

Mothers today are no longer the typical domesticated housewives of yesteryear. Today, mothers are much more liberated, financially self-independent and have become the way of the future. But underneath it all, lies a pathway full of potholes since Mdm Ajainah’s divorce 12 years ago. 
The dark past not only churned undefeatable battles in her life - Mdm Ajainah had to face the challenges of society, as she is constantly compared to the success and failure of others, while playing the decisive role as a mother. Playing the part of a single parent, caretaker to her blind sister and sole breadwinner for her entire family - she never once complained. It is her unconditional love and care that is unmatched to anything in this world, entwined with her tireless devotion and unrecognized efforts. 
No one, not even Mdm Ajainah herself or her three children, saw permanent separation coming. The altered future fate of her family quickly came crumbling down, leaving her to wander aimlessly with no direction to continue with life. Throughout the first year after her divorce, Mdm Ajainah became emotionally distraught. This affected her children’s performance in school, even showing signs of disinterest to continue their studies. The divorce came as a total breakdown for her family as they had to slowly pick up where they last left off and gather enough strength to start over again. After much time off to self-reflect, Mdm Ajainah eventually realized that this was not the life that she wanted for her children or herself. Eventually, she got herself up and gradually stood strong to face her adversities. The pain that had been inflicted on her did not stop her from adapting to the change in status, but it made her even more resilient in the hardships that were yet to come. For that very bitter affair that had caused her 20 year marriage to crumble, she became the greatest woman that her children never pictured her to be.

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