The Orchid Garden

A special space for tributes to the most important women in our lives.
Mothers, grandmothers, nannies, teachers, friends – whoever they are, these are the women who provide the inspiration and guidance in our everyday lives.

Also listed in The Orchid Garden are the women who have been honoured by organisations and publications in annual awards.

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Lim Ah Lay

Honoured by her daughters Rosemary & Evelyn Goh

Mother's Day comes and goes. This year, we would like to pay a special tribute to our mother before it's 'too late. Our mother, Madam Lim Ah Lay, is indeed a woman of substance.

Her generosity of spirit, self-sacrifice and love for us continue to inspire us. Amidst all odds and hardships, she brought up eight of us, her children, working hard to ensure that we were fed, sheltered and educated. Into the nights, she would be sewing for relatives and neighbours to supplement the income in order that we were well provided for.

She was always there for us and imparted the lasting values through her exemplary life. She would inspire, challenge, comfort, reassure and ennoble us in our growing years. She accepted and loved each of us as we are. She taught us to think of others who are less privileged than ourselves.

With her many gifts, she was very creative in making handicraft items which she donated generously to help raise funds for underprivileged children and for worthy causes.

Her kindness, thoughtfulness and selflessness are values etched in our hearts.   Our mother is indeed a shining example for us to emulate.

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